This cottage is owned by me, I'm a london girl with a parallel st ives life. 



The cottage is owned by me, I'm a London girl with a parallel St Ives life.


I first came to St Ives with my parents in the mid 70s when they bought a summer cottage here - it was a very different place back then... we all fell in love with the beautifully faded beach tents on porthminster beach (long since disappeared) and the summer was spent dashing to porthmeor beach whenever the sun peeked out, bodyboards tucked under our arms and sunscreen applied... those were the days!

Fast forward to today and I'm excited to have my own St Ives bolt-hole. I'm also excited to share it with all the other fans of St Ives that are out there looking for a great little place to stay, tucked on the edge of a quiet courtyard, close to everything!


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These are a few of my favourite things...


a view of the ocean - from any point, at any time, in any weather - ideally while sipping a coffee or having a glass of wine

walking way out behind the pier when the tide is low - you get a totally different perspective from there

chatting to anyone and everyone who will listen to me tell my story about st ives and the magic 7s

arriving by car - glimpsing the harbour and sea for the first time from up the hill - it's breathtaking and never disappoints